Your basement can often become a large storage space you fill up with any sort of junk. However, it comes a time when you want to reclaim all that space. Then it’s time to call one of the best basement clearance companies in London - PT Rubbish Removals. We are your local experts to help you clear out your home of all the waste you or your family have gathered over the years. You can contact our team right now on 020 8004 6859 for more information about our services.

Why You Need To Clear Up Your Basement?

Over the years the pile of junk can only gets bigger. In such case you need to be decisive and stop hoarding useless items on your property. Below you can find out why clearing up your basement is a good idea:

  • Adding value to your home - clearing up your basement can open up a lot of opportunities for you. You will not only increase your property value, but will also free space for family corner or even a man cave.
  • Far safer home - storing items down there over the years can be dangerous as well. Moreover if you are not the only person who stock stuff. It can become hazardous for your family and you.
  • Experience and stellar results - we have been in the basement clearance business for years. We have sorted countless number of bikes, computers and anything in between. We find thousands of items each year and every one of them is carefully separated and recycled.

How Does It Work?

Booking a basement clearance service with us is swift and easy. Just follow these three steps:

  1. Get an estimate- contact us to get a free price estimate or check out our prices. We are open and fair- our company charge you by the volume of waste we load.
  2. Rubbish collection - we take and load all the waste you need removed onto our vehicle. We will sweep before we go. We charge by volume, lifting and loading included.
  3. Responsible disposal - we proceed your junk to fully licensed facility, donate or reuse where it is possible. We can claim that up to 80% of the waste avoids the landfill.

How To Book Basement Waste Clearance?

Simply book your basement service with PT Rubbish Removals now online or by contacting our local crew on 020 8004 6859. Our support staff will assist you to schedule the service you need and even can provide a free estimate. Just give them detailed information about the type and amount of waste. Our professional team will contact you 10 to 15 minutes before they are at your address.

Ready to Book?

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